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  • $1500/English public school (elementary/secondary)

  • To connect with qualified artists from Quebec’s English-speaking communities

  • To facilitate artistic & cultural learning experiences during the school day

  • Plus travel costs for rural/remote schools

Photo: Siu-Min Jim

How do schools apply for funds for Artists to facilitate hands-on CREATE-ive experiences?

Apply now for your school’s 2020-2021 ArtistsInspire Grant for Interactive Virtual or In-person Arts & Culture Experiences*!

For the 2020-2021 School Year Educators can apply any time!

What is the funding for?

Developing students’ creativity through Artist-facilitated virtual or in-person* Arts & Culture experiences

  • with qualified Artists
    • Eligible Artists identify as members of the English-speaking Communities of Quebec. They represent the diversity of the ESCs’ demographic and cultural communities. Their practices include a wide variety of specialties.
    • If a qualified Artist you know is not yet profiled on our website, please send them the link to New Artists – Who Qualifies?. Artists must have experience facilitating in education settings.
  • during the school day
    • The goal of the ArtistsInspire Grants is to reach as many Quebec students as possible to have exposure to diverse art disciplines and Artists. In the school’s online application, the brief description of planned activities needs to include working with multiple teachers and their classes to learn with the Artist(s) in at least two creative periods.

When you’re ready, applying is easy and quick – one contact person from the school sets up the account and enters the information about the school’s plan. Please note that as we only allow one application per school. In the application we ask for confirmation that the principal approves.
Not sure who applied for your school’s grant in 2019-2020? Contact us as we may have to reset your account ID and password if the school contact person needs to change.

We are available to support you by phone and email for all of your questions.
ELAN’s ArtEd Team wants to support your school in getting the maximum benefit from your school’s grant – we encourage you to combine our funding with other sources – see examples of our partnerships and inspiration for planning your ArtistsInspire experiences.

*Depending on each school’s COVID-19 protocol, in-person ArtistsInspire workshops are permitted with local Artists where possible to do so safely for both students and Artists. Schools can search for Artists who are available for Virtual Facilitation in the Connect with Artists page.

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What can the funding be used for?

The $1500 grants can be used to cover Artists’ facilitation of experiences with students DURING THE SCHOOL DAY with teachers and staff present and involved in the artistic activities*:

  • Artists’ fees vary depending on experience, the number of Artists and the customization of the experience that they will facilitate – they may charge based on hourly or daily rates –  the minimum recommended rate for an individual Artist is $75/hour or $300/4 hour day.
  • While some materials cost is expected, as much as possible, Artists need to consider what is already available through the schools and their community.  Material costs should not exceed 20% (including taxes) of the $1500/school grant.
  • To ensure schools in all regions have access to diverse arts experiences, travel costs for Artists will be covered in addition to the $1500 grant when a qualified local Artist is not available in the discipline/specialty. Travel will need to be pre-approved and involve multiple schools within a school board in remote areas.
  • Grants can be leveraged by connecting with other arts and culture funding opportunities, for example: by using the $1500 as the 25% required to apply for Culture’s in the Schools’ Host an Artist or Writer Program.

What are the reporting requirements?

Artists’ fees will be paid as soon as schools provide feedback on their creative experiences.  Schools will need to:

  • Schools are required to complete the feedback form after the Artist(s) has facilitated the ArtistsInspire experience in your school so that the Artist(s) can be paid by LEARN. A feedback form will be available from your School login page once your application is approved.
  • Storytelling – share media/social media stories that schools/artists create about their project (respecting school/student privacy and consent guidelines)

We welcome all schools to contact us

to connect with Artists, to prepare teachers and artists for collaboration,
to access other sources of funds, and more.

CALL NOW: 438-979-1171