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FAQ for Artists

I am an artist – am I eligible?2019-05-28T08:12:01+00:00
  • Eligible Artists identify as members of the English-speaking communities of Quebec – they represent the diversity of the ESCQs’ demographics and cultural communities. ELAN’s Arts & Education Team has worked with arts and education organizations who have connections with professional artists including dance, film, literature, music, theatre, and visual arts, with a wide variety of specialities to engage students of all ages.
  • To be eligible artists need to already have experience as facilitators of hands-on creative experiences with students in elementary or/and secondary schools. Identified artists have demonstrated their skills/experience through prior work with ELAN’s ACE Initiative, ArtsSmarts, MASC, MikwChiyâm, the Quebec Writers’ Federation’s Writers in the Communities Program or from equivalent programs in the rest of Canada or internationally. Many artists are also listed in the Culture in the Schools Repertoire and are eligible for additional funding for
    workshops or residencies.
When I submit my completed artist profile, why does the site freeze?2019-06-26T18:05:51+00:00

If the the submission takes a long time to process or does not process at all,  a likely cause is that your images are too large.  This form contains many images and therefore there may be too much data to process all at once. Here are some solutions.

  1. Click the back button to return to your form.
  2. Reduce the file sizes of your images.  You can use a free image resizer website to re-save your images at a width of 900 pixels. Then resubmit the form with the smaller images.
  3. Another option is to submit your form with less images then go back to edit your profile adding in new images one at a time.
Why does my video not show in my profile?2019-06-27T14:03:49+00:00

The artist profile is set up to display videos either from YouTube or from Vimeo.  To get the url for your video

  1. go to the view page of your video
  2. copy the website address from the URL bar
  3. paste it into the artist profile form.

here is an example of what the URL looks like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-CauQXNRig

Can Artists claim travel expenses?2019-10-24T13:19:26+00:00

Whenever possible, schools are requested to work with eligible local Artists. When local Artists are not available in the disciplines and/or specialties requested by schools, Artist travel will be eligible. In regions where a visiting Artist/Arts organization is required to travel further than 125 km each way, ELAN will request that schools select an Artist/Arts Organization available to work with multiple schools in a School Board and/or geographic region when possible.  See details on page 3 of the guideline for eligible artists’ fees and expenses.

How do artists apply?2019-05-28T08:10:50+00:00

Contact ELAN’s Arts & Education team by emailing artistsinspiregrants@quebec-elan.org to express your interest. We will send you an eligibility form to complete and will follow up with you within two weeks.

Is there a deadline for artists to be accepted for the 2019-20 school year?2019-05-28T08:10:59+00:00

While we invite artists to contact us to determine their eligibility at any time, our experience is that schools usually make their plans early in the school year. The website will be open for schools to begin connecting with artists in late May 2019.

Once accepted as an eligible artist, how will the program work? How will artists be selected by schools?2019-05-28T08:11:10+00:00

ELAN is reaching out to each school board with schools eligible for the grant to determine how we can best support their schools in connecting with artists.

Schools will be able to view artists’ profiles on the website. The ELAN Art Ed team will be available to schools to help them in their connection process – if they request our assistance, we will recommend multiple artists who match with the schools interests by discipline and/or theme.

Eligible artists may contact schools that they already have a relationship with to encourage the school to apply.  We are requesting that artists not contact new schools directly – we simply cannot have schools/principals being inundated with contact from individual artists.  

Which schools are eligible for funding?2019-05-28T08:11:17+00:00

The funder provided us with a list of eligible public elementary and secondary schools in the province including the nine schools boards that are members of the Quebec English School Board Association and the three special status school boards – Cree, Kativik and Littoral.  The ELAN Art Ed Team is working with contacts at each board to promote the program and offer support in connecting their schools with artists. The way schools apply will vary based on geographic realities. Schools who can work with local artists (able to travel daily to the school – no accommodation required) will use our online form.  Schools who need to bring artists in from longer distances will work with the ELAN Art Ed Team to arrange for artists to work with multiple schools.

How will artists be paid?2019-05-28T08:11:22+00:00

LEARN will be disseminating the funds to cover artists’ fees and expenses for approved Artists Inspired grants.  When schools have been approved for their grants, the school and artist will be contacted and the compensation will be organized directly with the artist when the agreed-upon activities are complete.

As independent professionals, artists are expected to submit an invoice for fees (an example will be provided).  Approved expenses per guidelines to be provided to artists and schools (material, travel) will be submitted to LEARN using an Expense Claim Form.

The grants available offer schools $1500 for a hands-on experience: what can artists charge?2019-10-23T19:01:37+00:00
  • Artists’ fees – we are recommending minimum for an individual artist ($75/hour; $300/4 hour day) while recognizing that artists’ fees for facilitation of experiences vary depending on experience, number of artists and customization of the activities.
  • While some materials cost is expected, as much as possible, artists need to consider what is already available through the schools and their community.  Material costs should not exceed 15% of the $1500/school grant.
  • To ensure schools in all regions have access to diverse arts experiences, travel costs for artists will be covered in addition to the $1500 grant when a qualified local artist is not available in the discipline/specialty. Travel will need to be pre-approved and involve multiple schools within a school board in remote areas.
  • Grants can be leveraged by connecting with other arts and culture funding opportunities, for example: by using the $1500 as the 25% required to apply for Culture’s in the Schools’ Host an Artist or Writer Program.
  • See the guideline for eligible artists’ fees and expenses.