ELAN ArtistsInspire Program collaboration with inPath and the Cree School Board’s Mikw Chiyâm Program

Over the last seven years, ELAN ArtEd has been thrilled to collaborate with inPath and the Cree School Board’s Mikw Chiyâm Program. The Mikw Chiyâm program is a Cree School Board program designed and implemented in collaboration with inPath. This full-year, credit-bearing program includes three 4 or 6-week teaching-residencies integrated into the school’s curriculum. In collaboration with the Mikw Chiyâm teacher, residencies are led by inPath artists, often with the support of local artists and knowledge keepers who guide students in developing individual and collective creative works. All of our programs culminate with end-of-residency celebrations held to honor and share students’ work with their families and communities. For more background on the project, see this 2020-21 Stories & News article.

2023-2024 ArtistsInspire & Mikw Chiyâm Program Collaboration

Schools continued to be impacted by the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, as many schools grappled with understaffing and new personnel. The teachers who were able to utilize ELAN funds reported being extremely satisfied with local artist placements & these placements continue to enrich arts programming in the schools.

ELAN placements took place at the following schools:

  • Maquatua Eeyou School in Wemindji
  • James Bay Eeyou School in Chisasibi
  • Voyageur Memorial School in Mistissini
  • École Wiinibekuu School in Waskaganish

Maquatua Eeyou School – Wemindji

  • Teacher: Mike Morris
  • Number of Students: 20
  • Local Artist: Jessika Danyluk
  • Project/Workshop Description: Jessika joined Sabrina Bejba in Wemindji to share different watercolour painting techniques with students. After practicing these techniques, some students used what they learned to embellish their cyanotype prints.

James Bay Eeyou School – Chisasibi

  • Teacher: Chris Robertson
  • Number of Students: 51
  • Local Artists: Margaret Sam Cromarty, Samuel Tapiatic and Sarah Tapiatic
  • Project/Workshop Description: local Knowledge Keepers and storytellers, Margaret, Samuel & Sarah, joined Whitney French & Chyler Sewell’s residency in Chisasibi to share stories with the classes by fire at a cultural camp.

Voyageur Memorial High School – Mistissini

  • Teacher: Logan Taylor
  • Number of Students: 91
  • Local Artist: Kaylan Chief-Richmond
  • Project/Workshop Description: Kaylan Chief-Richmond taught students at Voyageur Memorial High School how to bake artisan breads and sweets. Students enjoyed learning new skills and were thrilled when it was time to taste test.
  • Teacher: Logan Taylor
  • Number of Students: 91
  •  Local Artist: Georgina Forward
  • Project/Workshop Description: Georgina – mother of Betty Anne, the high school principal – was invited to share her sewing skills with students during Sabrina Bejba’s residency, and helped them sew together fabric pieces embellished with their cyanotype designs to create a large banner.

École Wiinibekuu School – Waskaganish

  • Teacher: Various replacement teachers
  • Number of Students: 35
  • Local Artist: Vanessa Stephen
  • Project/Workshop Description: Vanessa co-facilitated several lessons with Jess Murwin in Waskaganish, where they shared different sewing, stuffing and textile techniques to help students create their creatures.
Student artwork completed with Vanessa Stephens at Wiinibekuu School of Waskaganish
Artmaking with Jessika Danyluk at Maquatua EEyou School in Wemindji
Georgina Forward with Voyageur Memorial High School student in Mistissini
Baking with Kaylan Chief-Richmond at Voyageur Memorial High School in Mistissini 2