• If possible, avoid using flash. If your surroundings are a little dark, try to find another light source as an alternative to the flash (e.g. common lamp, natural lighting).
  • Backlit settings are not ideal for photos or videos. For example, avoid taking photos of individuals standing in front of a sunny window.


  • Avoid using your phone’s zoom feature. For clearer footage, try to get as close to the subject as you can.
  • Blurry photo? Hold your phone or camera with both hands or use a physical support such as a table.

Resizing Photos and Images

If resizing a photo, make sure to preserve the aspect ratio (this will be the default option when resizing an image) to avoid stretching the photo. The maximum size for each image is 2 MB. The recommended width for web images is between 1500 and 2500 pixels wide.