$1500 ArtistsInspire Grants for Quebec’s English Public Elementary & Secondary Schools

  • Online and in-person art workshops.
  • New program criteria for workshops facilitated by professional Artists.
  • We welcome all schools to contact us: 438-979-1171

Support for Schools and Artists from Quebec’s English-speaking communities to connect through hands-on creative experiences – an ELAN/LEARN partnership funded by the Government of Canada’s Action Plan for Official Languages.


ELAN’s ArtEd Team would love to speak with you about how connecting with the Arts & Artists can make a difference for children, families and communities!
Contact us to explore your interests and get recommendations on artists who would connect well with your needs.

“The arts provide students with ways to understand themselves, others, and the world we live in. Whether through in-person or online facilitation, Teaching Artists facilitate students in expressing themselves, processing their experiences, and just plain have fun through making art.”

Louise Campbell – Québec artist

Photo: Tjerk Bartlema

Stories and News

I Belong: What does it mean to belong?

“It’s a very huge project for me because I didn’t feel welcome here at the school... [W]e wanted to spread awareness of what it’s like to be Queer and live as a Queer person, dealing with the misconceptions and [...]

Fostering Student Resilience Through Art-Making

In this year of many challenges, teachers are eloquent about how the art-making process in 2020-21 ArtistsInspire projects has encouraged students to understand and develop resilience. As Chelsea Elementary School teacher Jennifer Bardell writes of their project with Emily [...]

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