One Day Event Bamner

Please note that there are no more ArtistsInspire grants available for the 2023-2024 school year. Unless you have already been in touch with us about a project and we have said that we will reserve a grant for your school, please do not submit an application. We hope to be able to offer this program during the 2024-2025 school year. Thank you for everything!

What is a One Day Event?

The One Day Event model is a pilot project that offers an additional ArtistsInspire Grant to all Quebec English Public schools to bring an Artist in for a performance and an Artist talk. Read more below.

Deadline to apply: February 29, 2024


Please note that only the school contact person for ArtistsInspire can fill out this application form. This is the same contact person as for ArtistsInspire School Grants. If you do not know who that is, please email to find out.

If you want to apply for a regular 6 to 10 hour ArtistsInspire Workshop Series, please use the regular application system found here:

You must reach out to the Artist your school is interested in booking before filling out this form. You can search for Artists offering One Day Events by clicking HERE

Please note that this year all ArtistsInspire projects – regular workshops and One Day Events – must be completed by March 31, 2024.

This funding is intended to pay for an ArtistsInspire teaching Artist to present a One Day Event in the form of a concert, play, book reading, etc. This funding is additional to the already existing ArtistsInspire Grants workshop offering and is open to all public English Quebec schools. So, schools can participate in two separate projects this year: one 6 to 10 hour hands-on workshop series, as well as a One Day Event. The duration of a One Day Event depends on the school requesting it and what the Artist is offering. This must be discussed by the school and the Artist prior to filling out this form.

All events should include an artistic performance or installation of some sort, as well as an Artist Talk where Artists will have the chance to answer questions from students about their practice and career path. As with the AIG grants, these One Day Events are expected to have educational outcomes. Interactive events in which students participate in the creative process are encouraged.

Here are some examples of potential One Day Events:

  • Solo or group musical concert
  • Dance performance
  • Theatrical play
  • Live visual art creation
  • Comic jam
  • Story reading
  • Film screening by the filmmaker

Please note that schools are expected to provide space, an electrical outlet if necessary, and adequate teacher supervision during the course of the event. Artists should prepare to bring all necessary equipment for a successful experience. In the event of a film screening, schools may be asked to supply an interactive whiteboard with projector and speakers, but this must be discussed by the Artist and the school ahead of time. Reach out to Artists offering One Day Events today!

When you are ready, APPLY for One Day Events HERE

Once you have completed your One Day Event, please fill out the FEEDBACK FORM for One Day Events HERE.