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ACE: Projects Illuminated – Reflecting on the Success of the PETES ACE Project


Two years ago, the Hull sector of Gatineau, Quebec experienced a devastating flood. A year later, a tornado swept through the region. At the beginning of the school year, project coordinators in schools participating in Arts, Community and Education (ACE) Initiative are asked to identify a theme that would bring the school and community together through

ACE: Projects Illuminated – Reflecting on the Success of the PETES ACE Project2021-10-19T16:13:45-04:00

Artists in Education – Louise Campbell


This is the first feature of a new series that we will be sharing on ELAN News of Artists and Arts Facilitators who are working in ELAN’s Arts Community Education (ACE) Initiative. Louise Campbell is a Montreal-based musician whose professional hats range from clarinettist to conductor, community arts facilitator to musicians’ health therapist.

Artists in Education – Louise Campbell2019-12-15T11:14:29-05:00

Artists in Education – Lisan Chng


Lisan Chng is a mosaic artist, facilitator, coordinator and initiator of community mosaic projects and participatory art. She created and coordinated the ELAN Artists Community Education Initiative (ACE) project, “Magic Pots and Talking Mirrors” at Métis Beach School, in Métis Beach, Quebec, this year. This interview took place when Lisan was completing her project at Metis Beach School.

Artists in Education – Lisan Chng2019-12-15T11:14:41-05:00

ACE Lessons Learned – The Benefits of Art for Relating and Understanding


This is the first story of a new ELAN series, “Lessons Learned”. In this series, we will be highlighting insights of key stakeholders in our ELAN Artists Community Education (ACE) Initiative project on facets of the projects they are engaged in. This story was written when Louise Campbell was in Grosse Ile.

ACE Lessons Learned – The Benefits of Art for Relating and Understanding2021-10-19T16:11:50-04:00

Artists in Education – Jessica Houston


Jessica Houston is an multimedia artist and participatory arts facilitator. She facilitated two ELAN ACE Projects this year, the “Magical Garden Window” and Magical Garden story project at Sunnyside Elementary in Stanstead in the Fall of 2018, and the “Future Landscapes” mural at St. Mary’s school in Longueuil, Quebec, this Spring! Read on for her reflections on her most recent project, and her practice.

Artists in Education – Jessica Houston2019-12-15T11:15:14-05:00
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