I use comedy improvisation and laughter therapy to bring the students together. I put a big emphasis on joy… I believe that bringing students out into the community, especially to create intergenerational connections, creates a strong sense of self and rightful place in the world.

 – Laura Teasdale

Humour as a learning tool has been proven in studies as effective in stimulating students, capturing their attention, and liberating creative capacity.  As ArtistsInspire continues to work in innovative ways online, we’ve seen that comedy works wonderfully as a virtual teaching tool. 

Laura Teasdale’s online workshop “Comedy Improv for Kids” highlights fun and humour through an energized and entertaining approach to creation.  She says, “It’s all about sharing the “yes, and!” culture of Improv with kids.” The workshop features classic comedy improvisational games and fun exercises to build confidence, positivity and resilience – all of which are so important, especially given the stresses that youth are facing today.  Using comedy and laughter therapy, Laura integrates music, storytelling, critical thinking and articulation of emotions.  Her recent workshop with Bancroft Elementary School’s grade 2 students resulted in the amusing and charming song “Space Bahamas!” accompanied by Laura on her ukelele.  Check out the song on youtube here!

Laura is a professional playwright, actor, musician, comedian and cartoon voice artist, who has been teaching in the education system for 15 years.  Laura has facilitated for ArtistsInspire workshops, as well as ELAN ACE projects, in the Eastern Townships and the Gaspé Peninsula. “I am going to advocate for integrating arts into education for the rest of my life,” said Laura in an interview with ELAN, “Art is play and playing is so valuable for developing authentic communication and relation skills. It also empowers kids and makes them less self-conscious.” 

A teacher who participated in “Comedy Improv for Kids” praised the workshop, saying “It helped us prepare for going back to school.”  Another teacher-participant enthused, “I had such a warm fuzzy feeling after, which is hard to get from online Interactions.”

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