INDIGENOUS ARTS & CRAFTS with Préville Fine Arts Centre

Students will be guided in interactive Indigenous arts & crafts workshops while learning about the cultural
significance behind the art form. Choose the craft you’d like your students to delve into: 1) Corn Husk Dolls, 2)
Dream Catchers, 3) Clay and Modeling, 4) Drum Making, 5) Sketching and Painting, 6) Beadweaving, 7) Other
Traditional Crafts, including working with materials, such as, sweetgrass, birch bark, red willow, etc. Workshop
choices are subject to artist availability and school scheduling.

Themes: Other than Arts, the workshop incorporates elements of STEAM. This workshop provides an opportunity for discussion about belonging in Quebec in the general sense and as a member of the BIPOC community.

Materials: All materials are provided by Préville and may include individual kits or shareable class materials.

Grade Levels: Elementary Cycle 1, 2, 3

Artist Profile: Préville Fine Arts Centre


Phone: (514)476-7626 (Heather Schnarr, Outreach Director)

Indigenous Arts & Crafts

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