GOLDEN MANDALAS with Claudia Salguero (Regional Artist: WQSB)

After a brief review of how the ancient artistic technique of Mandalas has been used in many cultures around
the world as a tool to represent the universe, students will draw a template that will be the beginning of a
personal art creation. Through patterns, textures, pointillism, exploring contrast, volume, rhythm, movement
and discovering shapes within shapes, they will express themselves creating a personal work of art.

Themes: This workshop provides an opportunity for discussion about belonging in Quebec.

Materials: One 12×12 white or black 96 Lb paper, pencil, eraser, one 9.75 inches disposable dinner plate (the
plate can be shared by two students), one disposable 16oz cup, two or more medium-sized Sharpie metallic
markers in different colours.

Grade Levels: Secondary Grades 7-11

Artist Profile: Claudia Salguero


Golden Mandalas

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