FREE FLOW BUTTERFLIES with Claudia Salguero (Regional Artist: WQSB)

Participants will learn how to create a unique and colourful fluid drawing of a butterfly using colouring pencils.
Students will learn to blend and combine colours while talking about colour theory and the meaning of colour.
Although they will be guided through the process with the same instructions, each art creation will be as unique
as every student.

Themes: Other than Arts, the workshop incorporates elements of STEAM. This workshop provides an opportunity for discussion about belonging in Quebec.

Materials: One 12×12 inches white 96Lb paper, pencil, eraser, sharpener, a set of minimum 12 colouring

Grade Levels: Kindergarten, Elementary Cycle 1, 2, 3

Artist Profile: Claudia Salguero


Free Flow Butterflies

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