Dyan Jameson of BEAR Productions visited Mont Bruno Elementary School to deliver one of her Earth-Art Workshops.  Dyan guided students in the creation of personal art inspired by their experience with nature, using renewable resources from the Earth while teaching respect for the environment.

Almost 200 students from kindergarten to grade 4, as well as staff participated in Dyan’s activities.  Mont Bruno teachers commented that all of the students loved the activities that were presented to them. Students enjoyed creating nature based mobiles and friendship bracelets using items that come from the environment.  They were also encouraged to collaborate creatively in teams, and produced wonderful works of art together.   

Dyan Jameson, through BEAR Productions, has a mission to teach creativity to promote physical literacy, community and environmental awareness for learners of all ages.

Mont Bruno Elementary School’s ArtistsInspire Grant experience was made possible by an ELAN Quebec/LEARN partnership for students from Quebec’s English-speaking communities to participate in arts and culture experiences, thanks in part to funding from the Government of Canada.

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Mount Bruno Elementary School students with their Earth-Art creations. (Above & below photos by Brian Peddar)