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Cultural Arts Studio, School of Afro-Caribbean Dance is a creative space that mixes and celebrates African and Caribbean traditional dances.
Professional dancer and arts educator of Caribbean descent, Julianne Lavertu, has been pursuing her passion for movement since the young age of three years old. She specializes in Afro-Caribbean dance and lights up whenever given the chance to speak about the beauties and complexities of the culture of her ancestors.

Creative Approach and Experiences Offered

Afro-Caribbean Dance Workshop

Students will explore the fundamentals of Afro-Caribbean dance while learning traditional movements and then integrating them into a short choreography. Throughout the workshop, information about the history, indigenous people of the Caribbean, music, traditional clothes and movements associated with these dances are shared by the artist, allowing the students to anchor their learning in the cultural context from which these dances originate. This unique blend of cultures mixed with the traditional and ceremonial rites of passage of the indigenous people of the Caribbean has created the vibrancy and celebratory nature of Afro-Caribbean Dance.

One-Day Event Description

Afro-Caribbean Dance and Culture (Performance + Workshops)

Join Julianne Lavertu in this interactive performance as she leads participants through a journey of Afro-Caribbean culture through dance. With performances and workshops all in one, the artist shares the cultural context, history, and difference in style of some of the dances found across the islands. Participants will learn movements from Haiti and other Caribbean islands and put them together in a short choreography.

A maximum of 300 students can participate in the performance.

The performance will be followed up by three 1-hour dance workshops with three different classes (maximum 30 students per class)


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