Roen Higgins 'Blu Riva'

Specialities: Creative writing, Haiku, Podcasting, Songwriting, Spoken Word/Slam Poetry, Storytelling, Zines

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Lester B. Pearson

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Experience working with

  • Early childhood
  • Cycle 1 Elementary
  • Cycle 2 Elementary
  • Cycle 3 Elementary
  • Secondary 1 & 2
  • Secondary 3 & 4
  • Secondary 5
  • Senior Citizens

Lifelong Learners

  • Adult Learners

I regularly explore the following Broad Areas of Learning/Themes in my work

  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Personal and Career Planning
  • Citizenship and Community Life (Identity & Belonging)

Listed in the Quebec Culture in the Schools Repertoire

  • No

I have experience working with

  • Quebec Writers’ Federation’s Writers in the Communities Program

I can facilitate virtual creative experiences

  • Yes


  • I am available for travel within the same day
  • I am available for travel overnight
  • An extended residency is an option
I am a Spoken Word poet, educator, speaker, and coach. My unique approach to working with schools stems from blending my poetic expression with a background in education and counseling. I view creativity as the essential foundation for learning, applying it across disciplines. Recognizing creativity's pivotal role in various fields, I advocate for its integration into education. My interactive sessions celebrate imagination, making the therapeutic power of creative expression accessible to all.

Creative Approach and Experiences Offered

My approach to workshops involves dynamic engagement, emphasizing the exploration of unique creativity in youth, young and older adults. I highlight creativity as the cornerstone of problem-solving and innovation. Through interactive word association, collaborative creation, and individual expression, participants discover the ease of self-expression. Sound and movement are integrated to inspire and ground individuals, especially those with attention, anxiety, or processing challenges. Workshop outcomes vary from zines to recordings or video projects. My mission is to instill the belief that everyone is created to create, empowering through creative literacy and overall well-being. Unique aspects include adaptable workshop plans, fostering individuality, and a focus on empowering participants to tap into their creative potential.

One-Day Event Description

Participants have the opportunity to unlock their boundless potential within with "Unleash Your Masterpiece Workshop," where the power of imagination takes center stage. Participants can eagerly anticipate a dynamic and engaging session that kicks off with an Interactive Word Association, sparking creative thinking and fostering a profound connection with language. As the workshop unfolds, collaborative creation comes to life as participants unite to craft visually striking Vision Board Blueprints, creating a life map that incorporates carefully chosen words reflecting individual aspirations and dreams. This exploration extends into a personal expression journey, where attendees translate their core values and goals into one word that becomes their compass for the year into evocative poetry, seamlessly merging profound self-expression with visual elements. They are encouraged to share with the group and also learn how to deliver their message to their audience.

Help your students redefine their relationship with creativity, one word at a time!


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