Peter Gibson

Specialities: Drawing, Murals, Outdoor Art-making, Painting, Public Installations, Recycling/upcylcing art projects

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English Montreal

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Experience working with

  • Cycle 3 Elementary
  • Secondary 1 & 2
  • Secondary 3 & 4
  • Secondary 5
  • Senior Citizens

Lifelong Learners

  • Adult Learners

I regularly explore the following Broad Areas of Learning/Themes in my work

  • Environmental Awareness and Consumer Rights and Responsibilities

I've received CHSSN Mental Health Initiative training for:

  • Children & Pre-teens

Listed in the Quebec Culture in the Schools Repertoire

  • Yes

I have experience working with

  • Quebec Culture in the Schools

I can facilitate virtual creative experiences

  • No


  • I am available for travel within the same day
  • I am available for travel overnight
  • An extended residency is an option
I’m a Montreal artist who’s been creating ground paintings, murals, installations and street interventions for the past 20 years in a variety of settings both public and private, local and international. My immersion in the art world began after discovering the land artist Andy Goldsworthy whose nature based interventions inspired my early career as a street artist. My unorthodox entry into the art world gives me a unique perspective and approach to art making and working with schools.

Creative Approach and Experiences Offered

Workshop participants will design and create their own stencils from which they will produce individual art prints. A demonstration will be given outlining the process of creating a stencil starting with designing an image followed by the cutting out of the stencil itself. The demonstration will feature the creation of two stencilled prints: a simple two-tone print and a more creative and experimental one. Various approaches to creating the initial images will be discussed, including the use of pre-existing images and those drawn or otherwise produced by the participants themselves. They will then be instructed on how to differentiate between negative and positive spaces in their image, allowing them to decide which areas of the image should be removed when cutting out their stencils. Instruction and supervision will be provided during the stencil cutting process with an emphasis on safety and guidance to achieve a satisfactory reproduction of the original image.


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