Jason Selman

Specialities: Music Production, Spoken Word/Slam Poetry

Contact Info

Email address
Resides in
Sir Wilfrid Laurier

Experience working with

  • Cycle 3 Elementary
  • Secondary 1 & 2
  • Secondary 3 & 4
  • Secondary 5

I regularly explore the following Broad Areas of Learning/Themes in my work

  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Personal and Career Planning
  • Media Literacy
  • Citizenship and Community Life (Identity & Belonging)

I've received CHSSN Mental Health Initiative training for:

  • Youth

Listed in the Quebec Culture in the Schools Repertoire

  • Yes

I have experience working with

  • Quebec Writers’ Federation’s Writers in the Communities Program

I can facilitate virtual creative experiences

  • Yes


  • I am available for travel within the same day
  • I am available for travel overnight
  • An extended residency is an option
As a musician, the majority of the poetry that I write is written to music or inspired by it. I share this process with the students I work with. My goal when working with youth is to show them that poetry is alive and it surrounds the world whether through song lyrics or nature. With simple exercises that expand into the more complex, I show them that anyone can write poetry, because all of us have a story to tell, based on the life that we are living.

Creative Approach and Experiences Offered

I offer poetry workshops that expand on simple prompts. Spoken word, written text, song lyrics and audio poems are explored, especially by Canadian, Quebecois(e) & Montreal artists. Students learn how to express themselves by articulating how they feel about issues that affect them: identity, culture, social media, peer pressure, gender issues, etc. Their investment in these concerns is then transformed into poetry. They are then encouraged to recite and perform their work. They are coached through this process which culminates in the spoken word. They begin to see how such activities empower them to deconstruct their emotions and let the work know how they feel with confidence.
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