Anna Protsiou

Specialities: Circus, Dance

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Originally from Greece, Anna holds a BA (Honours) in Contemporary Dance and has moved to Montreal since February 2023. During university, Anna found her passion for circus when she started training as a contortionist. She enjoys sharing her experience and believes that art is an essential part of life while movement is a vital aspect of our wellbeing. Through her teaching, she offers students the tools to discover new abilities, develop new skills, while staying present through movement.

Creative Approach and Experiences Offered

In this workshop students will engage in physical activity through movement exploration. Some of the main principles of my teaching are dedication, perseverance, curiosity and creativity. I strongly believe that by discovering our abilities, we are able to expand our horizons, improve the relationship with ourselves, our bodies and with others, to build our confidence and find playfulness.
Students will be introduced to the circus disciplines of hand-balancing and contortion and learn information about the history of circus, and the circus scene in Quebec. Students will have the opportunity to be more physical, warm up and learn some introductory skills. The second part of the workshop takes more of a creative approach to movement. Students will discover the main principles of contemporary dance and explore new pathways of moving through a short contemporary dance class. After the class, they will have a chance to ignite their creativity through a guided improvisation session.

One-Day Event Description

Tēthýs - Contortion Solo Performance

"Tēthýs is a 6-minute contemporary contortion solo created and performed by Anna Protsiou, that delves into the discovery of origin and destination. Considering mythology and archetypes relating to human-animal hybrid existence and extending into the depths of the underwater world, embracing the unknown of the ocean.

A contortion solo performance fused with contemporary dance designed to challenge students' perception. It's a captivating spectacle that encourages kids to appreciate the beauty and amazing capabilities of the human body while embracing the extraordinary. It aims to leave young minds inspired and filled with joy and curiosity."

I can work with any number of students at a time.

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