ELAN ArtEd aims to support Teaching Artists in their work and chosen career path, providing opportunities to learn, grow and support students. We are thrilled to announce that in Year
3 of ArtistsInspire:

  • 238 ArtistsInspire projects were implemented in schools across Quebec,
  • 2 sessions of Homeschool workshops were given, to the equivalent of 13 grants
  • 82 Teaching Artists implemented at least one ArtistsInspire Grant,
  • Over $375,000 paid to Artists to provide rewarding Arts and Culture experiences to schools across Quebec

In The Words of The Teaching Artists

Feedback from our Teaching Artists confirm the impact ELAN ArtEd has had for them. As Teaching Artist Emily Read writes:

In 2019 I wanted to make the transition to being an artist facilitator. Working alone I was limited, I had to make connections with schools, find funding, and run the workshops. The projects I was able to do were minimal. When I found ArtistsInspire, it opened up a whole other world for me. They connected me to many schools perfectly suited for my workshops and provided consistent and easy funding. On top, they have provided guidance and support to help me grow as an art facilitator. I currently feel connected and supported to this community of artists, teachers, students and administrators. Now in 2022, I have a lot of work as an art facilitator developing meaningful projects with students and teachers. It allows me to empower and inspire way more students than I could ever imagine to do on my own.

Other Teaching Artists note that ELAN ArtEd has opened up new avenues in their existing practices. Teaching Artist Eryn Dace Trudel and founder of MamaDances has great depth of experience working in dance with early childhood education and adults. As Eryn says,

Working with primary school age children was not my area of expertise but once I began, I realized how much I enjoyed it and how good I am at it. I discovered a skill I didn’t know I had and have had so much fun doing so!

Multiple artists remark on the benefits of ArtEd in bringing together two aspects of their careers. As Teaching Artist Sam Asmar notes,

With ArtistsInspire, I was able to merge these two significant parts of myself – artist and teacher. I have this great opportunity to guide students through an artistic process to creation… There is no mark, there is little pressure, there is just the mutual enjoyment of one another’s creativity expressed through a video!

In addition, our Artists roster is growing: 110 artists are now profiled on the ArtistsInspire website. We are always open to welcoming more Teaching Artists! Teaching Artists interested in working with ArtistsInspire, particularly those identifying as BIPOC, LGBTQ2S+ and Regional Artists, are welcome to connect with us at any time. A big thank you to all our Teaching Artists! ArtistsInspire is what it is because of you.

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