TIME TO MOVE, FEEL, EXPRESS! with Eryn Dace Trudell

Fun, physically charged, interactive dance workshops that stimulate kineasthetic learning. Children connect to
curriculum and self-expression through movement, inciting creative thinking, empathetic space sharing, taking
initiative, and collaboration in inspiring and playful ways. Sessions include movement that focuses energy,
increases proprioception, strength, control, flexibility, balance, and rhythm, followed by dances, improvisation
scores or concept studies that engage students in exploration. These workshops address the competencies of
well-being, communication, problem solving, collaboration, and creativity and include a diversity of music. The
workshop may be catered to specific themes. Integrated concepts include dynamics, space, time, shape,
rhythm, numbers, relationships, and emotions.

Materials: Paper and crayons or colouring markers.

Grade Levels: Kindergarten, Elementary Cycle 1 & 2

Artist Profile: Eryn Dace Trudell


Phone: (514)585-8888

Time to Move, Feel, Express!

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