Workshop participants will design and create their own stencils from which they will produce individual art
prints. Various approaches to creating the initial image from which the stencil will be cut will be discussed,
including the use of pre-existing images and those drawn or otherwise produced by the participants
themselves. Participants will then be instructed on how to differentiate between negative and positive spaces
in their images, allowing them to decide which areas should be removed when cutting out their stencils. Finally,
participants will be shown techniques to apply paint to paper in conjunction with their stencils in order to
achieve various visual results.

Materials: per participant: 1 HB pencil, 1 eraser, 1 black marker, 2 sheets of poster board 22 “x 28” (1/16 “thick),
1 exacto knife (or scissors for younger children), 1 exacto knife blade, a sheet of linoleum, vinyl or masonite on
which to cut the stencil (approx 60 cm x 60 cm), two 4” foam rollers with roller handles, 2 plastic paint trays (or
1 plastic surface of about 60 cm x 60 cm for rolling paint), 2 different paint colours.

Grade Levels: Elementary Cycle 3, Secondary Grades 7-11

Artist Profile: Peter Gibson


Stencil Printmaking

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