MINDFUL MOVEMENT with Paola Sterling

We start with a short meditation to connect with our breathing and body. Then we move on to doing a warm-up, feeling each part of the body and understanding how they can move. We pass to do some exploration and improvisation techniques to connect with the elements of fire, water, air, and earth. Children learn to connect with their emotions to express them through the movement. They also learn to use space when they dance. They share with their classmates their own way of dancing. We can also draw while listening to music to allow our body to express its feelings through movement.

Materials: Colors (or crayons) and sheets of recycled paper,
Colored ribbons or small colored scarves,
Board and markers for me to explain some concepts or ideas,
Tambourines, Hula hoops, speaker and music player can be provided by the Artist

Grade Levels: Kindergarten, Elementary cycle 1, 2

Artist Profile: Paola Sterling


Phone: 438-877-9317


Mindful movement

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