MODELING MEMORY with Liana Cusmano

Participants will build on memory and recollection to write vivid pieces. Discussions of experiences that have
marked us will be followed by writing prompts that will help participants craft a finished piece. If you wanted to
bring your reader with you on this journey, which of the five senses would you lean on? Which similes,
metaphors, or images most clearly express how you felt? Participants will also be encouraged to play with
form, structure, and punctuation as they write pieces that will reflect who they are and the experiences they
have lived.

Themes: This workshop provides an opportunity for discussion about belonging in Quebec in the general sense and as
a member of the LGBTQ2S+ community.

Materials: Pencil and paper.

Grade Levels: Elementary Cycle 3, Secondary Grades 7-11

Artist Profile: Liana Cusmano


Modeling Memory

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