How do schools apply for funds for Artists to facilitate hands-on CREATE-ive experiences?

Our goal is to provide schools with a simple and easy process to obtain funding and to connect with qualified Artists who identify as members of the English-speaking communities of Quebec.  See How we qualify Artists for more explanation.

Schools who are able to connect with an eligible ‘local’ Artist in their school board area can use this online form to apply online. To be considered ‘local’ an Artist is able to travel to the school daily.

Schools who need to bring Artists in from a distance will need to connect with ELAN’s Art Ed team to discuss how we will work with the schools in the area. While we will cover travel costs, we will need to have Artists travelling from a distance work with multiple schools.

English public and secondary schools can use this form to apply for funds to connect with eligible local Artists.

After reviewing the Funding Guidelines, create your school account and apply annually for Artists by:

  • Setting up an account (after entering your email address a link to set your password will be sent to you by email. Check your spam folder).
  • Coming back to this page to fill in the application and choose an Artist. This application can be saved and edited as it will be used again for applications in subsequent years.
  • Completing the feedback information
School Application Form
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School Feedback

Schools are required to complete the feedback form after the Artist(s) has facilitated the ArtistsInspire experience in your school so that the Artist(s) can be paid by LEARN. A feedback form will be available from your School login page once your application is approved.