We’re recruiting! Help us grow the ArtistsInspire community of Teaching Artists

The ArtEd team loves meeting new Teaching Artists and hearing about what they can bring to Quebec schools… and more! We are excited to be expanding the roster to include Teaching Artists with experience facilitating lifelong learning experiences for Adults and/or Seniors. 

Are you or do you know a Teaching Artist interested in joining the ArtistsInspire Roster? Interested Artists are encouraged to review:

Apply HERE by April 12, 2023 to join the ArtistsInspire community of Teaching Artists, and encourage any Teaching Artists you know who may be interested. 

Once an Artist applies, ArtEd’s artist coach Guilluame Jabbour will contact the Artist to set up a short interview to determine eligibility, interest and next steps.

Stay tuned through our social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) and Stories & News page to learn more about the exciting projects happening in schools this year!