Monique Polak

Specialities: Creative writing, Non-fiction writing

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English Montreal

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Experience working with

  • Cycle 1 Elementary
  • Cycle 2 Elementary
  • Cycle 3 Elementary
  • Secondary 1 & 2
  • Secondary 3 & 4
  • Secondary 5
  • Senior Citizens

Lifelong Learners

  • Adult Learners

I regularly explore the following Broad Areas of Learning/Themes in my work

  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Personal and Career Planning
  • Media Literacy
  • Citizenship and Community Life (Identity & Belonging)

I've received CHSSN Mental Health Initiative training for:

  • Children & Pre-teens

Listed in the Quebec Culture in the Schools Repertoire

  • Yes

I have experience working with

  • MASC
  • Blue Metropolis Literary Foundation

I can facilitate virtual creative experiences

  • Yes


  • I am available for travel within the same day
  • I am available for travel overnight
  • An extended residency is an option
Monique Polak is the author of 31 books for young people. She taught Creative Writing and Journalism at Marianopolis College for 35 years. Monique has a special interest in helping youngsters find the stories they need to tell. Monique writes fiction and non-fiction. Her historical novel What World Is Left is based on her mother's childhood experience in a Nazi concentration camp. Her 2022 picture book, The Brass Charm (Scholastic) also deals with the Holocaust.

Creative Approach and Experiences Offered

Monique loves working with aspiring writers of all ages. In addition to sharing basic writing tips -- all things she wishes someone had told her when she was an aspiring writer -- Monique has designed a series of exercises to help young writers find the stories they most need to tell. Many of these exercises involve the use of sensory memory. Monique also has exercises to help aspiring writers develop characters, voice, setting and plot. During the pandemic, Monique taught entirely on-line, something she grew comfortable with. She also facilitated a two-part on-line Zoom workshop during the summer of 2020 about how to write a picture book -- an activity offered through ELAN and ArtistsInspire.

Monique's first picture book, The Brass Charm, will be released by Scholastic in fall 2022. Monique is happy to work with writers of all ages -- from kindergarten to secondary V, and with grownups too!
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