THE ART OF MUSIC ALBUM COVERS with J.P. Mortier (Regional Artist: SWLSB)

The music industry is as dependent on image as it is on sound in order to promote its artists. The golden age
of visual art in music was the era of vinyl records. With the arrival of CDs, the packaging shrank but the visual
aspect remained important. Today, downloads and streaming have lessened this dependence yet visual design
is still important to identify artists and bands. This project consists in having students design the graphic art of
a vinyl album or CD for an imaginary band. This project can be realized using different media: drawing,
photography and graphic design. It may be done physically on paper or cardboard or digitally.

Materials: Pen, pencil, paper or cardboard, (Optional: for photography, camera or phone; for digital art,
computer or laptop).

Grade Levels: Secondary Grades 7-11

Artist Profile: J.P. Mortier


The Art of Music Album Covers

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