Theatre is meant to be seen AND experienced! Give your students the opportunity to engage more fully with Geordie’s famous 2Play tour through this unique Performance/Workshop Combo – and all in the comfort of your own school.
-First, students from 4 different classes will be treated to a theatre workshop that will explore themes from the show through a variety of fun and engaging theatre exercises.
-Next, they will watch – with the whole school – Geordie’s 2023-24 touring show (for elementary: Perfect Storm, for secondary: Instant)
-Finally, those same students from before will respond to the show through theatre – and even create their own stories! Workshop themes and activities can be customized at the teacher’s request.
This experience touches on competencies for drama and ELA, with themes that go beyond curriculum. Supporting materials for teachers are also included.

Materials: No specific materials required

Grade Levels: Elementary cycle 1, 2, 3, Secondary Grades 7-11

Artist Profile: Geordie Theatre


Phone: 514-845-9810 Ext. 205

Theatre Performance/workshops

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