FILMMAKING 101 with Alyssa Kuzmarov (Productions Oracle)

All of Productions Oracle’s workshops are designed to provide a safe and dynamic space for youth to express
themselves and gain technical video skills as they openly document their own experiences. The youth are
involved in every stage of the production and learn everything that goes into the making of a video:
Storyboarding, camera angles, editing. The youth participate actively in the creation of their own videos and are
given an opportunity to feel proud of their work, all the while learning new skills and having lots of fun. A key
element of these workshops is to encourage youth to be active consumers in their use of media rather than
passive recipients of the media that surround them. Rather than simply absorbing images and messages,
students can use technology to stimulate their talents and creativity.

Themes: Other than Arts, the workshop incorporates elements of STEAM. This workshop provides an opportunity for discussion about belonging in Quebec in the general sense and as a member of the BIPOC and/or LGBTQ2S+ community.

Materials: To render video production accessible and user-friendly, we have chosen iPads as our medium.
Youth are often familiar with this kind of technology. We bring the iPads, and so no additional material is

Grade Levels: Elementary Cycle 2, 3, Secondary Grades 7-11

Artist Profile: Alyssa Kuzmarov (Productions Oracle)


Filmmaking 101

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