EAST INDIAN DANCE with Sonia St-Michel (Regional Artist: WQSB)

Guided by classically trained Indian Dancer, Sonia St-Michel, participants learn the art of East Indian dance.
The workshop begins with a Yoga warm-up. Participants then learn to create and maintain rhythm using
footwork (known as Taal or rhythm) and a system of oral representation of percussive sounds. Participants
also explore some Hastas, which are hand gestures used to tell stories. The workshop can be accommodated
to a smaller room by pushing aside furniture. Students can use the dance form to interpret a story they heard,
read or wrote themselves.

Materials: Preferably in a dance or theatre room with space to move. Gym is a second good option. Moving
desks is possible for very small classrooms but not ideal.

Grade Levels: Elementary Cycle 2, 3, Secondary Grades 7-11

Artist Profile: Sonia St-Michel


Phone: (819)329-3676

East Indian Dance

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