The ELAN ArtEd team recognizes that teachers’ time and energies are solicited in unprecedented ways this school year. We believe that spending time with a professional Artist in a guided learning setting with the objective of making art can help. As Project Manager Guillaume Jabbour says,

“The ArtistsInspire Grants project combines two of my greatest passions: Art and Education. I personally want to make the process to access Art Education as easy as possible for schools. I understand how busy educators can get in a day and realize one of these projects should not add to the enormous list of tasks.”

In order to facilitate the process of applying for a grant, see these step-by-step introductory videos:

Matchmaking is an important part of the ELAN ArtEd team’s role. Guillaume says,

“I love it when teachers call me to ask for a recommendation. It allows me to get to know their school’s context better so I can help find an Artist with the perfect approach to art education for their project. Making a successful match is really satisfying!”

Many teachers and schools affirm that a successful match lays the groundwork for a successful project. Baie Comeau High School used their ArtistInspire Grant to have Roy MacLaren come to their school to expose students to Québec cultural music and traditional Celtic music and dance. Community Development Agent Richard Gaudet of Baie Comeau High School writes,

“It was my first experience with ArtistsInspire and everything went smoothly, from the application for the grant, the In-person workshops, the Zoom workshops and finally the feedback report. The elementary students had a blast when we decided to parade around the school led by Roy MacLaren and his bagpipes.”

The ELAN ArtEd team is working hard to support you in these challenging times. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, including which Artist(s) we recommend for your school’s project, at or by phone at (438) 979-1171.