“Body music strives to be most accessible for everybody by stimulating different forms of intelligence: kinaesthetic, verbal, aural, and visual.

-Geremia Lorenzo Lodi, Project Intuition BodyMusic

ArtistsInspire’s Interactive Online Workshops cover the gamut of visual and performing arts.  One unique approach asks participants to bring absolutely nothing, but themselves, to make music!  Musician Geremia Lodi leads participants in Body Percussion workshops which get participants moving and active to create music.  Geremia teaches participants to make rhythm using just their own body – what he calls the origin of rhythm.

As Geremia explains, “Body Percussion is the art that takes music back to its place of origin: the body! It is a way of learning music through movement. It will help you to focus, develop your coordination, and refine your ability to synchronize with others.”  As participants invent, interpret and appreciate musical rhythms created by their own bodies, they bolster their LISTENING SKILLS and their CREATIVITY.

Participants revel in the joyful way to experience music while moving, discovering the expressive potential of the body. Workshops introduce children to body percussion through body rhythm sequences, silent movement, words and rhythm, geometric figures and steps, and playful ways of inviting children to create their own rhythm patterns

Whether in  person or online, Geremia Lodi’s Body Percussion workshops highlight  surprising and innovative ways to learn even with limited access to materials or resources.  As Geremia enthuses,“we are walking musical instruments, always ready to sound out!”


A Teaching Artist describes her experience in Lodi’s Body Percussion workshop.

A Kindergarten teacher’s take on Body Percussion online!

Try this two body percussion pattern for the family!