What can the funding be used for?

The $1500 grants can be used to cover Artists’ facilitation of experiences with students DURING THE SCHOOL DAY with teachers and staff present and involved in the artistic activities*:

  • Artists’ fees vary depending on experience, the number of Artists and the customization of the experience that they will facilitate – they may charge based on hourly or daily rates –  the minimum recommended rate for an individual Artist is $75/hour or $300/4 hour day.
  • While some materials cost is expected, as much as possible, Artists need to consider what is already available through the schools and their community.  Material costs should not exceed 20% (including taxes) of the $1500/school grant.
  • To ensure schools in all regions have access to diverse arts experiences, travel costs for Artists will be covered in addition to the $1500 grant when a qualified local Artist is not available in the discipline/specialty. Travel will need to be pre-approved and involve multiple schools within a school board in remote areas.
  • Grants can be leveraged by connecting with other arts and culture funding opportunities, for example: by using the $1500 as the 25% required to apply for Culture’s in the Schools’ Host an Artist or Writer Program.
  • A Guideline for eligible Artists’ fees and expenses is in development.

Photo: Siu-Min Jim

What are the reporting requirements?

Artists’ fees will be paid as soon as schools provide feedback on their creative experiences.  Schools will need to:

  • Share feedback after the event – satisfaction (1-5), one open-ended question
  • Storytelling – share media/social media stories that schools/artists create about their project (respecting school/student privacy and consent guidelines)

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