Cinematographer Chris Alsop led Secondary 3 students at St. Johns Elementary & High School, Commission scolaire Riverside/Riverside School Board, in a workshop about film and editing. The students learned about green screens, photography, filming and the editing process in practical hands-on sessions. All of the Sec 3 Visual Arts students and the Drama group collaborated to film a project that allowed them to develop their creativity while applying their technical skills.
Chris Alsop is a cinematographer, editor and filmmaker, with years of experience in the world of visual arts, in addition to teaching film and video in schools working with kids of all ages, from high school to University. He believes in a hands on approach and learning through doing. You can learn more about his work on his website Captura Video, and on
St. Johns School’s ArtistsInspire Grant experience was made possible by an ELAN Quebec/LEARN partnership for students from Quebec’s English-speaking communities to participate in arts and culture experiences, thanks in part to funding from the Government of Canada.

Chris Aslop working with students regarding  script ideas and placement using the green screen. (Photo by Nicole Julien)

Chris explains how to film using the green screen. (Photo by Nicole Julien)