How do artists apply?


ELAN’s ArtEd program seeks to offer authentic Arts and Culture experiences aimed at developing young people’s creativity while fostering an understanding of the diversity that exists within Quebec’s English-speaking [...]

How do artists apply?2022-08-10T17:02:50-04:00

I am an artist – am I eligible?


1. Eligible Artists identify as members of the English-speaking Communities of Quebec: – they represent the diversity of the ESCs’ demographics and cultural communities. Their practices include a wide [...]

I am an artist – am I eligible?2023-08-20T13:02:32-04:00

Can Artists claim travel expenses?


Whenever possible, schools are required to work with eligible local Artists. When local Artists are not available in the disciplines and/or specialties requested by schools, Artists may be eligible [...]

Can Artists claim travel expenses?2023-02-02T14:21:52-05:00

How will artists be paid?


LEARN will be disseminating the funds to cover artists’ fees and expenses for approved Artists Inspired grants. When schools have been approved for their grants, the school and artist [...]

How will artists be paid?2022-08-10T17:12:35-04:00
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