1. Eligible Artists identify as members of the English-speaking Communities of Quebec:

– they represent the diversity of the ESCs’ demographics and cultural communities. Their practices include a wide variety of specialties to engage students and lifelong learners of all ages.

2. Experience facilitating in education settings is required for working in Schools*:

Having listened to educators about what is essential to this program’s success, to qualify for the $1500 ArtistsInspire School Grants Program, Artists must already have experience as facilitators of hands-on creative experiences with students and teachers in elementary and/or secondary schools. They have demonstrated their skills/experience through prior work with ELAN’s ACE InitiativeArtsSmartsMASCMikwChiyâm, the Quebec Writers’ Federation’s Writers in the Communities Program and/or from equivalent programs in the rest of Canada or internationally.  Many artists are also listed in Quebec’s Culture in the Schools Repertoire and are eligible for additional funding available from that program’s workshops or residencies.

*Please note that while we will continue to profile Artists who are only comfortable facilitating in-person experiences, being able to facilitate virtual workshops is an asset. Have a look at our Virtual ArtEd Facilitation Guide.

3. Recruiting Regional Artists

ELAN’s ArtEd program seeks to offer authentic Arts and Culture experiences aimed at developing young people’s creativity while fostering an understanding of the diversity that exists within Quebec’s English-speaking communities. Regional Artists (living out side the greater Montreal area), are welcome to connect with us at any time. Please email the project manager at artedcoach@quebec-elan.org if you would like to know more.

Recruitment of all other new Artists takes place during our Spring Artist Recruitment Campaign. The campaign will be posted on the ELAN ArtEd Social Media Pages and will be sent out in our mailing list as well as in the ELAN Newsletter. Stay up to date by joining those mailing lists.

Passionate about facilitating Lifelong Learning experiences with Adults and/or Seniors? 

As of June 2020, we are excited to be adding Artists with experience facilitating lifelong learning experiences for Adults and/or Seniors!  Many community and regional non-profit organizations have been connecting with Artists to facilitate inspirational activities in-person and online – we are delighted to expand our list, creating the most comprehensive and diverse possible list of Artists who are eligible to facilitate educational experiences in the country.