April Ford

>April Ford

April Ford (she/they)

Specialities: Creative writing, Haiku, Non-fiction writing, Spoken Word/Slam Poetry, Storytelling, Zines

Contact Info

Website address
Resides in
Lester B. Pearson

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Experience working with

  • Secondary 1 & 2
  • Secondary 3 & 4
  • Secondary 5
  • Senior Citizens

Lifelong Learners

  • Adult Learners

I regularly explore the following Broad Areas of Learning/Themes in my work

  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Personal and Career Planning
  • Media Literacy
  • Citizenship and Community Life (Identity & Belonging)

Listed in the Quebec Culture in the Schools Repertoire

  • Yes

I have experience working with

  • Quebec Writers’ Federation’s Writers in the Communities Program

I can facilitate virtual creative experiences

  • Yes

School board areas you are available to work in

  • Central Quebec - Quebec City & Environs
  • Central Quebec - Rural/Regional Schools
  • Cree School Board
  • Eastern Shores - Gaspe/Coast
  • Eastern Shores - Lower St. Lawrence
  • Eastern Shores - Magdalen Islands
  • Eastern Townships
  • English Montreal
  • Kativik School Board
  • Lester B Pearson - outside Montreal transportation areas (STM)
  • Lester B Pearson - within public transit area
  • Littoral - Lower North Shore
  • New Frontiers - Chateauguay
  • New Frontiers - Chateauguay Valley
  • Riverside
  • Sir Wilfrid Laurier – Lanaudiere
  • Sir Wilfrid Laurier – Laval
  • Western Quebec - Northern area
  • Western Quebec - Southern area (Hull, Wakefield etc)


  • I am available for travel within the same day
  • I am available for travel overnight
  • An extended residency is an option
I'm a Montreal-based writer and teacher. My published books include CAROUSEL: A NOVEL (Inanna Publications), Winner of the 2020 International Book Awards for LGBTQ Fiction; DEATH IS A SIDE-EFFECT: POEMS (Frog Hollow Press); and THE POOR CHILDREN: STORIES (SFWP). In 2016, my short story "Project Fumarase" won a Pushcart Prize. Whenever possible, I volunteer in the kitchen for Maison Saint Columba House's Community Lunch program.

Creative Approach and Experiences Offered

For more than 15 years, I've helped at-risk youth, university students, community groups, professionals, seniors, and non-traditional learners pursue their passions and discover their aptitudes for language and creative expression. As an educator, I'm interested in how we can use our built-in skills—along with potential we might not yet realize we have!—to tell original stories and make our experiences accessible to others.

Through fiction, poetry, memoir, doodling, and public speaking, I provide tools for learners to find their voices, try out new voices, and even be a voice for others. As every individual and group is unique, I adapt content and activities accordingly, always with the goal of challenging and empowering learners.


The Grand Opening of CAROUSEL: April Meets Her Debut Novel
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